Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Spotlight: James Foley On What You Should Never Feed A Lion

Western Australian author/illustrator James Foley is always on the go, presenting at schools and libraries and running fun workshops at bookshops in WA. Here's a sneak peek inside his studio, along with a few very important Top 5s. 

1. Top 5 Things You Should Definitely Not Feed A Lion: 
  • a house
  • a bomb 
  • the principal 
  • the Eiffel Tower 
  • a toilet 

2. Top 5 things children tell me I definitely should feed a lion: 

  • a house 
  • a bomb 
  •  the principal 
  • the Eiffel Tower 
  • a toilet 

Top 5 Things you definitely should not feed small children or lions: 

  • Well you should never feed small children to lions, and you should never feed lions to small children.
  • BUT, you can try feeding larger children to lions (it's more of a satisfying meal) and you can try feeding a single small lion to a group of children (I don't think they'd be able to polish off more than one lion but it depends on the size of the group and the size of the children).
  • Small children and lions should also never eat chewing gum, or anything else that will stick to their hair or their mane - or their parents' hair or mane.
  • Small children and lions should never eat anything they find down the back of the couch.
  • Small children and lions should never eat tuna mornay. (It just tastes really gross).

3 Things every hungry lion should have: 
  • good table manners 
  • a large supply of digestive biscuits 
  • a well-stocked litter tray 

Learn more about James, lions, and little boys who are handy with a toothbrush here.

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  1. Love these tips :) Will have to share them with my kids in the morning, although I'm sure my 11 year old will tell me that you should be able to feed little brothers to lions too!